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The DSI Community Gaming focuses on studying and applying digital games in academic research and teaching.
The community’s mission is to bring together and network researchers who research and work on and with digital games. A vital concern is the equal balance of three fields:

  • research on games, in which the increasing importance of digital games for our culture is explored (Game Studies)
  • research with games, in which, on the one hand, digital transformations of our everyday social life are traced in nuce, and on the other hand, the attractiveness of games is used to stimulate participatory research (Game-based Research)
  • teaching with games, in which game mechanics are used for the motivating mediation of learning content (Game-based Learning, Serious and Applied games, Gamification).

The networking supported here aims to promote digital games as a topic in university teaching and research, to establish sustainable projects, and to conduct public relations work regarding the value of digital games. In this way, the community contributes essentially to the research of a virulent digitization topic on a national and international level.



Playing is engagement, immersion, creativity, problem-solving, competition — a driving force behind innovation and discovery. Our mission is to establish and promote the value of playing for learning and research.


Connect people from different research disciplines who are already involved in analysing the impact of digital games on our society and culture, in developing or in using games for research and teaching purposes. Provide the knowledge and the ideas.


Create a common space where members can connect, exchange and collaborate, create opportunities for action and collaboration, collect and distribute the knowledge.

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What questions about digitalization are on your mind? And how has your life changed with the digital transformation? Digitalization is presenting society and science with new challenges. It is taking hold of a large part of our lives at an ever faster pace.

The Digital Society Initiative (DSI) shapes the digital transformation of society and science. With interdisciplinary activities in research, education and outreach, the DSI is the University of Zurich’s (UZH) competence center on digital transformation.

The DSI is a scientific institution supported by all faculties of the UZH, which promotes independent scientific reflection and innovation on questions of digital transformation. It prepares UZH students to help shape the digital transformation, engages in regular discourse with the public and supports policy-making on digital transformation issues.

The DSI Community Gaming was founded in 2021 as the DSI Digital Education and underwent a radical change in 2022. Since then, we have been building up the community, came together for projects, meetings and events.

Some of the successful collaborations are the “Games in Context” Public Lecture Series with the Zentralbibliothek Zürich, the co-creation of the MEEET Lab and the organisation of several workshops (please click on “Home” and scroll down to News and Events).

Get in touch

Questions, inputs or just want to get to know us? Contact us here.

Membership in the DSI Community Gaming is open to researchers affiliated with a Swiss university. For other individuals, membership is conditional on an ongoing cooperation with the DSI Community. To become a member of a DSI Community, membership in the DSI Network is required. Please follow this link.