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The DSI Community Gaming focuses on research related to the impact of digital games on academic research, teaching and outreach.

Our mission is to establish and promote the value of playing for learning and research.

We aim to steer the discussion on the use of open-source game engines for university teaching and research, to guide the development of innovative strategies for gamifying contents and to contribute to the ongoing societal change at the national and international level.



Playing is engagement, immersion, creativity, problem-solving, competition — a driving force behind innovation and discovery.


Connect people from different research disciplines who are already involved in developing or using games for research and teaching purposes. Provide the knowledge and the ideas.


Create a common space where members can connect, exchange and collaborate, create opportunities for action and collaboration, collect and distribute the knowledge.

Community facts






What questions about digitization are on your mind? And how has your life changed with the digital transformation? Digitization is presenting society and science with new challenges. It is taking hold of a large part of our lives at an ever faster pace.

The Digital Society Initiative (DSI) was founded at the University of Zurich in 2016. The DSI supports scientists in their research and teaching on the digital transformation and is the competence center of the University of Zurich, where the impact of digitization is researched and bundled across all disciplines.
The Digital Society Initiative also aims to engage in dialogue with a broad public. The DSI at the University of Zurich wants to critically reflect on the digital transformation and look at it from different angles. This is not about technological novelties, but much more about ethical, legal, social and economic aspects that need to be discussed. It is about people and their role in our digitalized world.

The Community Gaming was founded in 2021. Since then, we have been building up the community, came together for a successful kick-off event and since then are planning future projects, meetings and events.

The DSI has a budget for every community to finance community intern projects. In the first year, the following two proposals received funding:

  • DSI Fellowship on game-driven
  • gamified learning environments

Get in touch

Questions, inputs or just want to get to know us? Contact us here.

Membership in the DSI Community Mobility is open to researchers affiliated with a Swiss university. For other individuals, membership is conditional on an ongoing cooperation with the DSI Community. To become a member of a DSI Community, membership in the DSI Network is required. Please follow this link.

An insight into our work

Vanessa Camillieri (together with Tanja Samardžić) is working on exploring more in-depth the type of game-driven or gamified environment which would best be of benefit to an audience of higher education students taking on beginner programming courses. For more information on the project click on the link below.