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Loeva La Ragione

Loeva La Ragione is a graduate assistant and member of the Laboratory of Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Lausanne. In 2022, she joined the GameLab UNIL-EPFL as an associate. Through her empirical and ethnographic studies, she aims to share both her passion for video games and the stakes around this media.

Loeva has been involved in numerous workshops and conferences, like “Games on Campus” organized by the Gamelab UNIL-EPFL. She’s currently completing her PhD thesis on sociabilities in online video games (MMORPGs), as a continuation of her Master's thesis on politics and gaming ("POLITICAL GAMES: “Independent video game meets politics”).

Her main research fields are virtual worlds (MMOs and metaverses), online sociability and communities, politics and video games, and digital anthropology.


University of Lausanne


Laboratory of Cultural and Social Anthropology
Loeva La Ragione Portrait View