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Michael A. Conrad

Michael A. Conrad received his doctoral degree in Cultural History and Theory at Humboldt University in Berlin with a thesis that analyses how, in the Middle Ages, games were already reflected as devices for modelling and coping with uncertainty across different praxeological fields, including military strategy, economy, and cosmology. This work has been recently published in book form with De Gruyter.

While having published several articles on transculturality, the cultural history of Iberia, game studies and decision theory, he has, in the meantime, also acquired certified knowledge in coding with Python, R, SQL, and other computer languages. He is currently putting this knowledge to practice in different projects that explore the potentials of data analysis, data visualization, and artificial intelligence for the humanities. As a result of his diverse interests and activities, he is going to teach a course on the “Sociology of games” at Sankt Gallen University and coding with Python for students of the humanities at Constance University.

Michael A. Conrad Portrait View