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AR & Game Practices for Language Representation in Machine Learning

Researchers Involved

Dr. Vanessa Camilleri

Dr. Tanja Samardžić

research areas

Game-based learning
Media Use
Mobile society


2021 - 2023

Project Summary:

With increased advances in the application of AR through the development of computer vision algorithms, we are seeing a wide range of uses for this emerging technology. The particular use that we address in this project is about helping the students of language and linguistic get an intuitive but profound understanding of language representation in vector space. This topic is crucial for contemporary machine learning and especially difficult to teach. By including AR design essentials into specific areas of a specific training program, we can explore the superimposition of the augmented digital world on the physical one. Moreover by applying some game-based rules, or additional gamification techniques, into a course curriculum at higher education, we would also be adding elements that are associated with increased engagement and interaction. 

The overall scope of this project is to create a technology-driven framework that can be used as a means of a fast transition from traditional studies in linguistics to a competent involvement in the modern language-based technology.

Project Aim:

This project combines the techniques of game-driven practices with mobile AR technology to provide a unique experience for students new to machine learning.

Research Questions:

How does the combination of AR and game-driven practices impact students’ engagement with a particularly difficult course content? If it creates an impact on learning and self-confidence, in which ways does it lead to a further exploration of the topics?