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Guess the language

Researchers Involved

Adrien Negro

Alexis Romain Perillo

Angelica Maria Caballero Schlichting

Chloe Joëlle Chevalley

Elias Giuseppe Abderraziq

Gavish Kawol

Prof. Genoveva Puskas

Jonathan Haskell

Karen Roulin Seka

Laura Maria Paredes Negreira

Dr. Margherita Pallottino

Molham Al Sidawi

Perrine Rong Wang

research areas

Educational games
Linguistic data
Teaching methodology


2021 - 2021

The project deals with the creation of a serious game whose function is to familiarize the players with the abstract properties that regulate the diversity of human languages around the world.

This project is articulated in three phases. The first phase is devoted to the design of the game itself and the creation of a prototype. The game is a language-based version of the classic game “Guess who?”, produced by Hasbro©. 

While the guessing process of the original game is based on a set of salient physical features associated to a group of characters; in “Guess the language!” the reasoning engages the players in a deeper reflection on what language diversity is like, since the identifying features are properties of natural languages. 

The second phase of the project is the production of a digital version of the game, which will be playable online. Whereas we will explore the potential of the game as teaching tool in the third phase of the project. The game will be used in class (BA/MA level) to illustrate the principles around which language variation revolves; and outside the class, in workshops devoted to familiarizing the local community with basic notions of language diversity and linguistics.