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SDG interactions through gamification (SD-Game)

Researchers Involved

Myriam Pham-Truffert

Dr. Mario Angst

Prof. Dr. Maria J. Santos

research areas

Citizen science
Participatory modelling
Serious games
Social-ecological systems


2021 - 2025

Project description

The research project SD-Game is part of a new DSI project on digitalization and urban sus- tainability networks (SDGnets@ZH). SD-Game will investigate local knowledge which is relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals through digital and non-digital game elements supporting participatory systems modeling.

With a case study in the city of Zurich, the project will dive into the central role that gamification can play to identify local knowledge regarding interactions among the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), i.e. how progress toward one target can foster or hinder progress on (an)other target(s).

After exploring the questions of definition and contextualization of so-called “SDG interactions”, the project will test different degrees of gamification in participatory systems modeling interventions, using notably an existing modeling tool, as well as a game which will be specially designed for the research purpose. The project will also reflect on the learning outcomes of the game elements for the participating stakeholders.